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Cultural tours 2006



Students & staff from the University of Queensland’s Art History program experienced ‘off-campus learning’ in the best possible way during a Mapuru weaving workshop held in June 2006. Our generous and patient teachers, Roslyn Malngumba Guyula, Linda Marathuwarr Bidingal and Margaret Bambalarra Bidingal, guided us through a variety of weaving techniques and along the way showed us that weaving is about much more than making objects. We came to understand weaving as a process that brings people together to talk, learn, listen and laugh. Like music, it was a shared experience that anchored a variety of daily activities. Our bush trips collecting pandanus leaves & various roots for dyes included bush tucker lessons about collecting mud mussels and yams, and bush medicine advice (& treatments!). There was even time to relax in the magnificent freshwater swimming hole. The Mapuru community’s knowledge about their country was deep and inspiring, and their generosity in sharing aspects of this knowledge was both a privilege and a pleasure. The UQ-Mapuru connection will live on.

Dr. Sally Butler
Lecturer in Art History, University of Queensland


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